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The new Karstadt Premium GmbH informs their suppliers about changes caused by this re-organsation in a letter dated 28th Feb 2014.
IMPORTANT: This info is only relevant for suppliers of the new Karstadt Premium GmbH, i.e. only the three Premium Stores: Alsterhaus (Hamburg), KaDeWe (Berlin) und Oberpollinger (Munich). For all other stores, the setup remains unchanged.

The following text details the impact for Pranke customers in terms of EDI:


What's changing:

From an EDI perspective, those three Premium Stores will belong to a new = second TradingParter in the future.
Karstadt suppliers working with these stores and also other locations, will henceforth work with TWO separate partners. (Suppliers exclusive to Premium Stores will de facto replace the existing EDI partner)
According to the letter, the changes will become effective as of 22nd May 2014, but EDI changes will be started already in March.

For Pranke customers, this means:

  • Pranke takes care of the X400 connection and has already created the new TradingPartner (parallel to the existing partner Karstadt)
  • This partner "Karstadt Premium Gmbh, Essen (DE)" can be downloaded from the TradingPartner search.
  • Once the new TradingPartner has been installed in eBiss, each supplier can send individual test data or the requested email confirmation on "setting up the X400 address" to Karstadt Premium.


Supplier-side GLN changes:

As Karstadt Premium also informs, the main GLNs and the GLNs for the three stores and for the logistics company will change:

  • The new main GLN (4055438000005) is already stored in the new TradingPartner mentioned above.
  • However, this GLN and also the GLNs for locations/departments and delivery places must also be changed by the supplier in their internal systems.
  • Please refer to the Excel GLN list sent by Karstadt Premium.


If you are a supplier of Karstadt Premium and haven't received the info letter or the GLN list, please refer to your existing contacts at Karstadt first.

For all questions regaring the installation of the new TradingPartner "Karstadt Premium", Pranke cusomters can of course contact our Support Team.


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