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Our EDI expertise is broad: We advise on all aspects of EDI - whether implementation, roll-out or software upgrade or migration. We offer extensive training, perhaps a little surprisingly also expressly for non-EDI staff members. We can also become your full-fledged EDI department that you can outsource to us according to individual needs.

Our employees have years of experience within the EDI and fashion industry, and know contact persons, special features, or typical pitfalls of EDI communication. We are well connected, both with software and cooperation partners.


ediCERT® seminars

The ediCERT training concept consists of several building blocks for different target groups.

The core is the training week, which takes place twice a year. Our different trainings are aimed not only at technicians and EDI Managers, but also explicitly to those, who seemingly do not come into contact with EDI per se.

When processes are implemented and integrated electronically, they also automatically concern specific departments. Thanks to proper training, this supposed extra burden becomes an advantage: the ediCERT ® EDI license makes "EDI for non-techies" easy to understand, and conveys the necessary knowledge of GLNs & EANs, business models, or types of messages to colleagues from sales, purchasing, product management, or management.

With such basic EDI knowledge of these areas, these departments may not only finally have a say, but can also help make decisions that previously always had to be left to the IT department.

In addition to the trainings in Karlsruhe, you can also schedule an on-site event at your company, e.g.train the entire departments.

eXtended EDI Service: Your outsourced EDI department at Pranke

With our eXtended EDI service, we offer you the opportunity to be actively involved in the EDI communication without having to create your own special EDI department. Pranke effetively becomes your EDI department, working closely together with your internal departments and specialists. The service covers the complete range, from hosting the eBiss converter software to managing the daily EDI tasks. Typical modules include:

  • eBiss server and service checks, automated or manually
  • EDI hotline, from internal departments or external trading partners,
  • Message and error management, usually daily, including documentation
  • EDI partner setup and location management, even as far as developing an EDI partner completely from scratch
  • EDI message tracking and monitoring: Active polling of missing messages expected from partners, vital e.g. for concession/consignment partnerships
  • Continuous process improvement, based on regular meetings and experience/documentation of the above modules
  • EDI message transfer via any channels used by the partners (Mail, AS2, X400, FTP etc.)


When you wish to contract us for an  eXtended EDI service, we will assess your needs in a workshop, to define and optimize your EDI processes. Based on the assessment we will define a tailor-made service, which covers exactly what is necessary in the daily business and ensures continuous development. This can go so far as to referring your customers directly to our hotline and us becoming your EDI department. Necessary processes, changes, new data entry of EDI customers, etc. are completely controlled by Pranke, even all the way into your ERP, shall you so desire. For all questions that are beyond the standard procedures we will also define customized interfaces, so that you can decide how to proceed.

Your gain: A failsafe EDI department with know-how first hand at a fair price. The construction of an internal department with personnel and training costs is eliminated, and you have the flexibility to add or subtract services as needed!

Complete consulting portfolio

Electronic Data Interchange is our daily bread. With experience of almost 20 years in this field, we have the expertise to assist you in your projects. As a result, your business can grow faster.

Our experience, our knowledge and our connections help you: You can go to "best practices" and avoid the mistakes that many companies make during the learning process in the EDI field. We support you, for example, here:

    • EDI migration: Whether you want to replace an existing EDI infrastructure or simply want to handle your complete data exchange in a more cost effective way than for example over X.400.
  • EDI competency: Perhaps you want your sales staff to show knowledge in the EDI expertise to your potential customers.
    • ERP restructuring: You are changing your ERP System and wish to assure continuous data flow to your EDI customers.
    • EDI rollout: You are planning to connect many branches or franchises and require assistance during the complex rollout.


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