eBiss & eGate: Perfect duo

Take your business processes into your own hands: With eBiss, the only partner-geared and fully integratable EDI & EAI software and with eGate, the universal data transport service, which conveniently connects you with all your business partners.

From sheep to shop: We offer all the solutions for your EDI supply chain from one source, so that your business remains fully in your own control.

The intelligent EDI and EAI converter software

logo ebiss 105x20px The intelligent EDI and EAI software, which allows you to implement all your business processes while giving you the flexibility to be able to map any partner-specific feature. What makes this software better than a standard EDI converter? Read more here.

The universal EDI message transport service

logo egate 105x2px

Connect to all your partners easily via one central service: With clever functions such as message tracking and an affordable price model, you are independent of the number of connected partners or the type and size of individual messages. Find all informationen here.




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