eBiss - the first intelligent EDI converter

eBiss is far more than just an EDI converter: eBiss is the only partner-geared and fully integrated EDI and EAI software.

What makes eBiss different?

The world of EDI and business process integration is full of standards, profiles and formats. Nevertheless - or perhaps because of it - in reality each partner can have different requirements. As a consequence, data structures - and thus the actual business processes! - can either not be mapped at all, or the setup becomes elaborate and later no longer comprehensible due to special configurations.

eBiss simply flips the conventional way of thinking: Instead of stating "My converter can only output/read xyz", eBiss asks "What is to come out towards the internal system or what is received/sent by the partner?"

The technical implementation of partner or concept specific processes and data formats finally allows a targeted communication geared towards the partner. This principle also works the other way around in the direction of your systems that accurately obtain the data that are important and necessary for the process, regardless of potentially inconsistent source formats.

Since eBiss can be fully integrated into your systems, even non-EDI employees without technical knowledge can directly see whether messages or errors are present. They can additionally control whether, for example, a complete accounting process has started for a particular trading partner.

Naturally, eBiss covers all formats: Preconfigured interfaces for all versions of EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, XML formats, iDOC, and of course any text and CSV formats. With the addition of a module, eBiss can also read Excel files.


Centralised workflow and workflow editor

eBiss uses one central workflow, which dynamically branches out to partner-specific mappings, communication channels or process switches. Through the graphical workflow editor, all these processes are visualised, their resources remain comprehensible and also automatically documented.


Simply create new partner accounts

Another strength of eBiss, which is highly appreciated by our customers, is the ability to add new partners themselve and get started right away.

The TradingPartner search here on the website shows if a trading partner can be reached via eGate. In addition to this, it also offers to download the partner profile configuration file for the eBiss import itself, without additional costs. Expensive and lengthy installations for each standard partner are a thing of the past.


Two-stage mapping concept and unique mapping functions

The mappings are a central part of each converter: In eBiss they can be not only adjusted quickly and flexibly, but they can also do far more than just translate: Functions for recognising, changing, grouping, correction, addition or conversion of data take a lot of customization work from you. And if "your" function doesn't exist yet, you can even create your own.

Similarly, the two-stage mapping concept ensures clarity and ease of implementation of the targeted, partner-geared communication. Special mappings for specific trading partners can be integrated without much effort, since they do not have to be constantly tailored to your in-house format, thanks to the two-stage concept. This means: In general, special mappings for specific partners or message formats are often already available, saving you time and money.

It is also an investment into the future: If you ever change your ERP or RMS system, only the in-house mapping part need to be created anew. If that new ERP/RMS system comes from one of our many software partners, even these mappings already exist.


Integrate data, processes & Surface seamlessly

Integrating the interface processes (reading, writing, and committing) has many advantages: By eliminating transfer files, your systems become less error-prone, as you don't have a "media break" any longer. This factor is hence eliminated as a possible source of interference, and there is more time for other, more important things.

Furthermore, with an integrated data transfer, there is no time delay between writing a transfer file and the subsequent reading. Everything happens in real time and opens up new possibilities: eBiss even knows if a document has been read or committed correctly in your database and can react accordingly with follow-up procedures.

Conversely, you can also integrate EDI processes with the graphical interface of your ERP or RMS. The users can go directly from their familiar interface to send, receive or see messages and errors. This relieves the IT / EDI department and speeds up processes.


For distributors, suppliers, ERP and RMS software vendors

eBiss offers a number of tailored components to be used in different areas:


For suppliers and manufacturers: SupplierArticlePool

Supplying trading partners with high-quality master data is a key task in the EDI field. For example, it should be possible to also send updates for specific articles or deliver data only related to a partner's order.

With the eBiss.SupplierArticlePool this problem is completely solved. The job of your ERP system is limited to a daily export of all relevant product data. eBiss takes care of the rest and books them into a master data pool and manages changes, additions and updates itself. The necessary product data for the trading partners is retrieved from this master data pool during the conversion run, using transactional messages such as order confirmations or delivery notes. As a result, your partner always gets exactly the data that he needs and is always up to date.

As another positive side effect, the produced data traffic is drastically reduced since eBiss calculates exactly which trade partner has already received which item info and when, and so delivers only the difference.

Finally, various price lines and languages can be controlled centrally from the pool.


For retailers RetailArticlePool

The eBiss.RetailArticlepool acts a master data pool before data is actually being imported into the Retail Management System. It ensures that the RMS doesn't receive thousands of unneccessary product data records from a manufacturer. Instead of mapping everything directly, PRICATs are first stored in eBiss and only then passed to the ERP when a transactional message (ORDRSP, DESADV) actually contains them. So if you have suppliers who send, for example, only complete catalogues with product data, the ArticelPool helps to import only the data you actually need.

For "human-readable" documents from EDI data: ReportDesigner

Although structured EDI data is exchanged primarily between machines, there is often the requirement to also create this in a "human-readable" format.

For example, the sales department needs a list of the sales as a copy. Or if might need to send a list of all sent invoices in Excel to the Controlling department or create your invoices as PDF from the already existing EDI data. Even your labels could be created from your master data.

The eBiss.ReportDesigner makes these processes possible and transforms your data in all standard formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word or JPG image files.


For the import of "semi-structured" data: Excel-Importer

A system or trading partner can't always provide structured data such as CSV, XML or EDIFACT. The Excel Importer makes it possible to import data from Microsoft's Excel into eBiss. Thanks to the "targeted" workflow approach in eBiss, these documents can be further processed without any extra configuration.


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