eGate - universal and affordable EDI data transport

As versatile and easy to use like a Swiss Army knife: eGate lets you communicate with any trading partner, regardless of network boundaries.

eGate makes your EDI data exchange secure, traceable and cost effective. As an internet-based EDI message transport service, eGate establishes the connection through gateways and interconnect agreements with all common networks and providers.

This way you reach each partner – This is intelligent EDI.

Universal communication across network boundaries

Via eGate,you can reach several thousand suppliers and retailers that take advantage of the platfor's professional data exchange. Similarly, you can communicate with all other trading partners who themselves don't have their own eGate account: So-called gateways (e.g. to individual email or also to AS2 addresses) and interconnect agreements with other, otherwise closed networks, allow you to reach these trading partners. If your desired partner does not have a gateway account, we can create one in an instant without additional costs.

eGate itself can be used with any SMTP/POP3-capable EDI converter, e.g. eBiss. For maximum safety, we offer the possibility to transmit messages over AS2 connections with additional encryption, authentication, and receipt confirmation.

Transparent and comprehensible

Use the eGate web interface to check the transmission status of each message, and even see if your counterpart has already downloaded it. You can also access your sent and received messages of the last few weeks in the online archive and send again, for example. Finally, you can always keep your eye on the data traffic and evaluate the used transmission volume.

Clear pricing structure

eGate prices are based exclusively on volume, it does not matter how often you use eGate, how big individual messages are, or how many communication partners you have. Only the monthly total volume of messages sent and received counts. An additional bonus is the fair, quarterly billing: A single month with more traffic within the quarter remains therefore without extra cost.

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