The more intensively the eBiss converter is used over time, the easier it is to loose track of how and where alterations and adaptions have made the eBiss System to your particular eBiss.

At Pranke, too, we are often asked to make adjustments or extensions to an existing eBiss system. If that system has reached a certain complexity and is not really well maintained, it’s quite a challenge to even find out where to start. A manual analysis of a system is very time-consuming and by no means a matter of course.

In order to better cope with such situations, we developed a new module for eBiss 3 which we called eBiss Analytics. With this module it is much easier to obtain both statistical and analytical information about an existing eBiss 3 system. You get answers to questions like: How many messages do we send to our partners? Per day, week or month?, or: How often do we deliver goods to Partner X?

Statistical considerations refer to the volume of messages received and sent. These can be automatically sent to selected recipients. During the analytical analysis, the system-specific parameters are evaluated and prepared in an appropriate form (e. g. as sequence diagram and/or structured list) in a separate namespace within the DokuWiki provided with eBiss.

Example: UML diagram of the OUTBOUND wiring of an eBiss system

bird's-eye view of OUTBOUND wiring

bird’s-eye view of OUTBOUND wiring

Example: Bar chart over the top ten documents

Top Ten Documents

Top Ten Documents

Example: Pie chart over the top ten partners

Top Ten Partner

Top Ten Partner

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