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Main Menu

The eBiss main menu 1) consists of dynamic and static components. hauptemenue.jpg

Static Menu Options

  • Save 2): Saves current changes 3).
  • (updating the second option on the left)): updates the display, taking into account the currently saved changes 4).
  • Help 8): opens eBiss Help in a browser window

Dynamic menu options

The dynamic menu options depend on the context and change according to the given possibilities within one of the modules. These are displayed to the right of the two static menu items 9). The dynamic menu options always correlate with the context menu, which can be achieved by right mouse button.


1) the menu under the title bar
2) leftmost option
3) Normally, the tray is inactive.) It becomes active when a system change has occurred .
4) Please note that saving changes may not necessarily update the display.
5) first option right
6) second option rightds
7) third option right
8) right option
9) save and update
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