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Article management

Note: This module is not included in the Standard eBiss license and requires its own Modules license. The price for this add-on module depends on the type of the eBiss software purchased (Standard, Enterprise, …).

Article Management module1) enables system-side posting of articles to the eBiss database. These are written to the ArticleDetail table only once with reference to the SystemPartner. The articles are placed in the eBiss database by reading Pricat documents from an ERP system. The aim is to send a TradingPartner a Pricat, which contains only the articles frequently ordered by that particular partner . In this respect, the articles of all outgoing motion data such as Ordrsp and Desadv documents are matched with the ArticleDetail table. A Pricat is then generated for the TradingPartner. The article table of the TradingPartner stores only references to the articles in the item detail table, which are ordered by the respective partner.


Integration of article management

A detailed description of how the article management is integrated into the processes is here HowTo Supplier Article pool and Supplier Jobsteps.


formerly known as Articlepool
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