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eBiss is a system (also: EAI or A2A)) for exchanging data between applications inside and outside their own enterprise As shown in Fig. It supports the integration of different WWS applications through its comprehensible real-time data transfer and can be used for highly flexible applications in IT departments as well as in predefined integrated processes. With eBiss, there is a separation between IT staff and users, that is, Users can easily manage their own processes without the need for IT staff.

Typical process

The following diagram illustrates the typical processes 1) in eBiss in a simplified way.

Scheme of the two-stage transformation

The philosophy of eBiss usually recommends the use of MiddleWare2) Abstraction Layers. This means that all incoming and outgoing messages pass through two mappings connected in series. This is shown in the above diagram by the transformers. It can be understood in detail as shown in the following sequence diagram.

HOST->eBiss:Message(INHOUSE-OUTBOUND)Format note left of eBiss: fixed Mapping eBiss->eBiss:transform INHOUSE-OUTBOUND to eBiss.MiddleWare note left of eBiss: variable Mapping eBiss->eBiss:transform eBiss.MiddleWare to EDIFACT eBiss->PARTNER:Message(EDIFACT-OUTBOUND)Format PARTNER->eBiss:Message(EDIFACT-INBOUND)Format note left of eBiss: variable Mapping eBiss->eBiss:transform DIFACT-INBOUND to eBiss.MiddleWare note left of eBiss: fixed Mapping eBiss->eBiss:transform eBiss.MiddleWare to INHOUSE-INBOUND eBiss->HOST:Message(INHOUSE-INBOUND)Format


1) It should be noted that the presentation describes the process for incoming and outgoing messages, which is usually displayed separately
2) The eBiss MiddleWare represents an abstraction layer between EDIFACT and custom INHOUSE message structure and allows to minimize the total number of mappings required and the maintenance effort. There are MiddleWare versions for manufacturers and retailers.
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