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Partner not identifiable


When sending or receiving messages, the partner can not be identified.

Possible cause:

One reason for the problem can be, among other things, a wrong communication direction. The direction must correspond to the direction of the business process.

Name Meaning
Outbound All messages to be sent by SystemPartner to TradingPartner.
Inbound All messages to be sent by the TradingPartner to the SystemPartner.


To solve the problem please proceed as follows:

  1. Check the tasks for their content, there should be an indication of the not found identification.
  2. Check whether the data type used the corresponding frame variables (MapFrameSender, etc.)
  3. Check whether the correct recognizer or analyzer is used.
  4. Check whether the direction of the documents (Inboud / Outbound) is set correctly.
  5. For incoming EDIFACT messages, check whether the GLNs in the UNB segment are correct.
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