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The Tracelog does not display any output

In this troubleshooter, you will learn how to handle the problem of an empty Tracelog. You are affected by this problem when you are running a job and no output is visible in the Tracelog dialog.

Why this error occurs

When the tracelog is executed for a job, the eBiss server actively calls the eBiss client over a TCP connection on a port> = 10000. In some cases, your firewall blocks incoming calls to such ports, and, in the end, eBiss does not display any information in the Tracelog and the window remains blank.

How can I fix this error

You could explicitly allow these connections with a firewall rule, or you define a different port in the eBiss configuration, which should also be released. To do this, open both Config files from eBiss in a text editor

eBiss.WinClient.exe.config eBiss.Service.exe.config

and supplement this by a new value.

<add key = "eBiss.CallbackPort" value = "YourWishPort" />

Enter your shared port at Value. e.g. 8001

Then the Tracelog should be displayed again correctly.

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